Broadview Christmas Tree Farm
Opening November 23, 2019

4380 N Hickory Ridge Road
Highland, MI, 48357
248-887-TREE / 248-887-4865
Three miles north of M-59 in northwest Oakland County



  • Be sure your Christmas tree is well supported in a water-holding stand
  • Keep away from heat sources
  • Check all electric lights and connections
  • Turn off lights when away and when you go to bed
  • Leave tree outdoors and sheltered away from the wind until ready to decorate
  • Make a fresh straight cut across the trunk at least an inch from the original cut
  • Place the trunk through the bottom hole of the tree bag (recommend use)
  • Place trunk end immediately into fresh water (will seal over in 20 minutes and will not be able to draw any more water)
  • Check and water daily as needed.

Go Green

Each year about 30 million Americans select and take home an evergreen tree to decorate with ornaments and lights for the holidays.  Your Christmas tree has been intentionally planted and grown for your enjoyment and is a renewable source—it is a crop, a harvest at the holiday season.  There are one million acres in Christmas tree production.  
  • Christmas tree farmers help control soil-erosion and provide year-round homes for wildlife, many times by using land that is unsuitable for general farming.  
  • Artificial trees will last for six years in your home but for centuries in a landfill.  
  • Fifty-nine percent of real Christmas trees harvested are recycled in community programs.  
  • Over 100,000 people are employed by the Real Christmas Tree industry.  
  • One acre of Christmas trees produces daily oxygen for 18 people.  
  • For every full grown tree that is cut, two to three seedlings are planted.



Artificial Christmas trees are 20 times worse for the environment


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