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We are a rustically unique family business that prides themselves on just that FAMILY.  We don't think 4-6 hours is enough time to enjoy your day!  How often does family and friends get together? Our family does not think nearly enough, our rental is from 11am to 8am next day.


Pond Ceremony

Our wagons take you through beautiful green trees and wildlife to the perfect spot under a beautiful arbor overlooking a pond.  Guests will be sitting on hand crafted tree benches as you enter your new life. Stunning settings for photography; your guests will be amazed at the beauty of our land. Our wagons will take you back to the barn for your reception celebration.

Pond Wedding Packages 
(Wagon Rides, Minister and Cleaning included)

Frasier Fir Concolor Blue Spruce
Two Days One Day One Day
Barn & Pavilion Barn & Pavilion Barn
$4,600 $3,980 $3,340

In the Meadow Ceremony
Nestled in the center of our Douglas Fir next to the barn is the perfect spot.  The Bridal party walking through our aisle of trees is a grand entrance.  A stunning view overlooking the whole farm.
 In the Meadow Wedding Packages

(Minister and Cleaning included)

Douglas Fir Austrian Pine Canaan Fir
Two Days One Day One Day
Barn & Pavilion Barn & Pavilion Barn
$3,600 $3,220 $2,600


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